Case Studies


Case Studies

Customer: Freight Forwarder

Service: Warehousing and Distribution

Challenge: To collect, store and deliver our customer’s goods

Burns Express offers an efficient and hassle-free solution to collecting, storing and delivering our customer’s goods. On a regular and ongoing basis we:

  • Collect their freight from locations throughout the UK
  • De-van their containers
  • Efficiently unpack and palletise their goods
  • Store their goods in our secure warehouse
  • Advise our customer exactly what has been received and where it is located
  • Receive orders from our customer who has full access to their stock online
  • Accurately pick and safely deliver our customer’s goods to their customers


Customer: Retail Goods Supplier

Service: Irish Groupage

Challenge: To deliver to Belfast by 5.30am every single day

For several years now Burns Express has been making daily deliveries to Belfast, hours ahead of the standard delivery time:

  • In conjunction with our Irish partner, we transport our customer’s goods via our groupage service
  • We provide a specialised service to make this happen by 5.30am every day, including weekends
  • On days when the groupage service does not operate, we transport the goods in a dedicated vehicle


We have proven to our customer that we are 100% dependable in making these urgent deliveries

Customer: UK Manufacturer

Service: European & UK Distribution

Challenge: To make specialised deliveries to central Europe on a regular basis, in addition to standard UK deliveries.

Burns Express regularly uplifts our customer’s high value product from their factory in the west of Scotland and delivers it directly to their customer in Europe:

  • We transport the product safely and securely in a dedicated vehicle
  • This ensures the product is handled/trans-shipped as little as possible, minimising any possible damage
  • Using the Euro Tunnel allows us to ensure the goods are shipped directly to Europe as quickly as possible
  • Having provided this service to our customer for several years now, they have complete trust in us to deliver their goods safely and on time